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This game was written in Javascript using Unity 5.1.0f3.

It's a 2D puzzle game which was designed for use in occupational therapy.

With help from OT students Jesse Emerson and Alexandra Shea, I designed this game to help a hypothetical patient regain functionality in one or both shoulders by forcing them to lift their arms up to build pyramids of increasing heights. To this end, the game was designed around the use of the Razer Hydra motion controller.

Because the main focus was its potential therapeutic benefits, I'll admit the game itself is rather underdeveloped and boring. The primary goals for this project were to make it as easy to use as possible while also focusing n the arm-lifting mechanic. The blocks that you use to build the pyramid appear at the bottom of the screen in a queue, so the player can pick these up while resting their arms on a table or flat surface. However, in order to build the pyramid, they will have to then physically lift those blocks up and place them on the grid. As the patient regains strength, they can challenge themselves to build larger pyramids.

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