Shattered Sight
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This game was written in Javascript using Unity 4.5.4f1.

It's a 2.5D platformer and point-and-click adventure.

I worked on this game as Lead Programmer for a school project at NEIT with the help of Corinthia Robbins (Lead Designer) and Erica Johnson (Designer / Programmer). It was developed in only 10 weeks.

In this game, you play as a tabby cat named Luna who's wandered into a haunted house... filled with evil rats waiting around to scare her! Explore the house in search of delightful cat toys and treats while avoiding the evil rats. Try not to get scared to death and to escape with as much loot as you can collect!

The original plan was to have the rats patrol the house and to chase after Luna, scaring her gradually over time, and to use a mechanic similar to Super Mario's Boos - they creep up behind the player, but run away or hide when the player looks directly at them. However, due to time constraints, this idea had to be scrapped. Instead, the rats hide in the same places where you can find toys and treats, and pop out at random.

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