Space Hero
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This game was written in C# using XNA 4.0 and Visual Studio 2010.

It's a 2D top-down spaceship twin-stick shooter game.

Fight against waves of enemies as you hunt down and destroy their motherships! Try to survive as many levels as you can - if you can make it to level 10, I'd be impressed! Collect powerups to gain an edge against increasingly aggressive enemies and try to rack up a high score!

Someday I hope to add more to this game, including new powerups and new enemies with new behaviors. Currently the ammunition does nothing, but I plan to make it fire missiles that will blast all enemies within radius.

I also would like to work on the level progression. For example, I want Level 1 to have very few enemies and meteors and many powerups. Then, as you progress, the number of enemies and meteors will increase - hopefully their size and variations as well - and the powerups will become scarce.

I'm in need of a graphic artist to design original graphics for this!

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